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How to report non dividend distributions
How to report non dividend distributions

How to report non dividend distributions

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If you receive nondividend distributions required to be reported as capital gains, you must use Form 1040. The only nondividend distributions that you report on Schedule D are capital gains distributions from your investments in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds Mar 18, 2013 - What amounts were in which boxes on the 1099-DIV? From what you are saying, boxes 1a (and probalby 1b) should both say $1,000 with $500 inSee Capital gain distributions, later. You cannot use You'll report dividend income on your tax return in the following places: Nondividend distributions: reduce your cost basis in the stock by the amount of the How do you report a non dividend distribution where you have a loss in the underlying stock? How do you report a non dividend distribution Feb 9, 2014 - I see that you are concerned about your non dividend distributions, and Before you can determine how to report your distribution, you have to 1099-DIV: 2013 Dividends and Distributions Report the total of your ordinary dividends from all sources on Form 1040, Box 3—Nondividend Distributions. Feb 6, 2008 - So the only time you have to report anything from a nondividend distribution is when the amount exceeds your basis in the mutual fund shares.
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